Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

2021-04-29 08:33:24

Sushi Nara 奈良 @Taman Gaya, JB

Sushi Nara 奈良 @Taman Gaya, JB
Non Halal
The Best Sushi restaurant in town ! Among the Low-priced Sushi restaurant.
I wonder why I didn't know here for two years after it opened.
A Japanese restaurant loved by neighbors. You can enjoy the handmade dishes. Owner chef Mr. Wayne, who has more than 10 years of experience in Japanese restaurants, hand-roll all the sushi (not machines !).
Price is very affordable. Fish is fresh.
Sushi 2p price is : Salmon RM3.2, Ika(Squid)RM4.2, Tuna with avocado RM4.8, Salmon Mentai Aburi RM3.8, Salmon with Lobster Salad RM4.8, Foie Gras Gundan (1p)RM11.9.
If you order 10p Salmon Sushi, it’s only RM16!
Popular dish is Salmon Skin RM8.9, Salmon Cheese Maki RM22.5, Age Shimeji RM6.5, Yakiniku Don RM18.9, and Nara Spicy Ramen RM18.9.
The handmade raw chocolate served after the meal is also very delicious. It’s complimentary. But if you want more, can buy. RM24/100g.
Lunch set also very affordable and tasty!
Lunch Don : RM8.9-RM15.9
Off day: Tuesday
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm
Sat, Sun, PH 11:30am-10pm
Reservation : 010-766-0951
IKEAから5分ほどのタマンガヤのショップロットにあるSushi Nara。なんでもある和食店ですが、低価格帯のお寿司屋の中ではここがベスト!機械ではなく、大将がちゃんと全てのお寿司を握っています。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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