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2021-01-07 09:38:23

#hotelJohor #travelJohor

#hotelJohor #travelJohor
Sinar Eco Resort @Pekan Nanas, Johor
Fantastic farm stay where WiFi is barely connected !
Kids didn’t want to go back to home.
“Sinar Eco Resort” that can be reached in 50 minutes by car from JB. After passing through the banana field and running on a narrow road in the palm tree for 20 minutes, We arrived.
Kayaking the quiet river where you can only hear the voices of birds and insects, Feeding livestock, Milking cow, Horse riding, Drinking pineapple juice and Had barbecue dinner ! They have swimming pool and archery activity too.
Night time is romantic. Serene and beautiful. We stayed at a container hotel.
After nice breakfast, we enjoyed exciting ATV.
Full of excitement and natural atmosphere.
The staffs love animals. So animals looks like very happy, we guest can feel happy too.
This kind of experience is valuable.
Opening day Thu- Sun 9am-6pm
WhatsApp: 0187818168
They have some promotions.
Check the poster and their Website !

"JBから車で50分、ヌサジャヤエリアからは30分で行ける「Sinar Eco Resort」。 バナナ畑を抜け、ヤシの木の中の細い道を20分ほど走ると到着。 携帯の電波もほぼ繋がらない静かな場所。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

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2021-01-03 04:14:22


The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, KL
It’s Colonial Hotel built in 1932.
I love this place because it's quiet, beautiful, and we can listen to live jazz music by the wonderful Solianos in the colonial cafe or lobby!
This time I stayed in Premier Suite Room.
Yes. Very comfortable.
Now, Club lounge is closing. So they served some snacks. And mini bar was complimentary.
The freshly baked waffles for breakfast were fluffy, buttery and delicious. The many variations of coffee are also good.
Room rate : RM290-940


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection #HotelKL #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-26 03:23:30


The Westin Kuala Lumpur @Bukit Bintang, KL
After long time closure, Westin KL reopened 1 week ago.
Conveniently located across from the pavilion.
I stayed Club Floor.
Currently, the club lounge is only open Thursday to Saturday. On weekdays, there is a cocktail hour at the bar.
During Christmas days, there was special menu at Club Lounge. Roasted Turkey, special desserts etc.
Breakfast is a buffet. Menu items is not many. But taste is good.
Hospitality is as good as before.
The rooms are clean and comfortable.
So I was planning to stay here for 5 nights, but I extended it to 8 nights!


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

The Westin Kuala Lumpur #HotelKL #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-16 13:13:17

Seasonal Tastes @ Westin Desaru Coast, Desaru, Johor

Seasonal Tastes @ Westin Desaru Coast, Desaru, Johor
No Pork, No Lard.
Main Dining at Westin Desaru. Now they have Breakfast Buffet, A la cart menu for lunch and dinner time.
There are not many menu items.
But I could have eaten dinner here every day for five days and not gotten tired of it. Everything was delicious.
( And Marriot Bonvoy member can get discount 10-30%).
I ordered and tasted many kinds of dishes.
Then Let’s say, my most recommend menu is: Chicken Tikka RM40, Claypot Fish Curry RM45, Crumbled Fish & Chips RM50, Pizza Margherita RM45.
Pad Kra Pao RM35 and Prawn noodle RM40 have a good reputation too.
And, Of all the breads at the hotel buffet in Johor, I think the bread here is the best!
Especially Almond Croissant is super delicious !
Tel 07-838-3333

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The Westin Desaru Coast Resort #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-13 09:19:50


The Westin Desaru Coast Resort @ Desaru Coast, Johor
This Westin Hotel is 60minutes far from JB town. Located on the Desaru Coast, it has its own private beach.
I often stay here with my friends as it is an easy drive from JB Town without traffic jams.
And it is very relaxing to walk on the beach barefoot and listen to the sound of the waves.
I think the bed at the Westin Desaru is the most comfortable of all the hotels in Johor, as the name “Heavenly Bed”.
Both the breakfast buffet and the swimming pool are now opening.
The breakfast is very tasty.
This was the first time I stayed in an Executive Suite Room ( RM900〜 per night.) It has a calm interior and comfortable balcony with both sea view and garden view.
Tel: 07-838-3333


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The Westin Desaru Coast Resort #hoteljb #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-12 07:18:01

261 Bar & Restaurant @ The ELS Club Desaru Coast, Desaru, Johor

261 Bar & Restaurant @ The ELS Club Desaru Coast, Desaru, Johor
No Pork No Lard
Club house restaurant in The Els Golf Club.
When we go to Desaru, usually we stop by here and have lunch.
We can feel relax with beautiful Golf view. Food quality is good.
Club house Sandwich RM28, Big Easy Burger RM38( very meaty patty!), Fish and Chips RM35.
They have breakfast menu and local dishes too.
On Saturday, Kids meal is free.
Opening Hours: 7am-6pm

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2020-12-06 03:27:44


Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel @ Permas, Masai Johor
5-star hotel in Permas Jaya.
I often do WFH from this hotel even though this is close to home because We can't go out of JB these days.
Very clean and comfortable. Calm interior. The hospitality of the staff is excellent. Would you stay in a hotel if you're not traveling? Those who hear that will want to try it once they know the price.
It is currently the most affordable way to stay, starting at RM189 for a 1 night stay. My recommend is to stay in a Club room. The cheapest way to book directly is to register for free membership. Club lounge is currently closed, but you can use the cafe on the lobby level.
Enjoy WFH and weekends stay.
From RM264, 2pax can enjoy Tea time, Cocktail time( Enough food selection for dinner ! Menu change everyday.), Buffet Breakfast and staying !
Of course you can use gym too.
“Club Room Stay 1 night ( for 2pax)”
※This is direct booking membership price in December 2020. Everyone can register “Marriot Bonvoy”membership for free.
Include ( for 2pax)
-1 night stay
-Tea time (tea, coffee, sandwiches, cakes)
-Cocktail time ( Beer, Wine, soft drinks, Light meals)
-Buffet Breakfast
Booking: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/jhbbr-renaissance-johor-bahru-hotel/
Tel: 07-381-3333

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Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel #hoteljb #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-02 08:50:05

Nico Cafe @ Molek, JB

Nico Cafe @ Molek, JB
Non halal
Cozy Kopitiam. Mummy cooks local foods, son: Mr. Nico bakes cakes.
There are dishes that are carefully prepared, healthy, comfort and tasty.
Stewed Pork Rice RM13 has tender chunks of pork belly. Nasi Penyet RM13 is fragrant. I like this Sambal taste so much.
Lei-Cha with brown rice RM10 has broccoli, feel healthy.
If you want light breakfast, Cheesy Garlic Bread Slice RM5 is good.
Tiramisu cake is very nice. Mr.Nico had bakery experience in Taiwan. He takes pre-order and makes special cakes. You can check many design at his page.
( Nico Bakery’s page is here: https://www.facebook.com/N23bakery/)
Opening hours: 8am-4pm
Off day: Sunday
息子のNicoさんは、台湾でベーカリーの勉強をした後、ラベンダーで働いていたとのこと。優しい洗練されたケーキを作っています。お店に置いてあるのは1-2種ですが、オーダーメイドでホールケーキなどのスペシャルオーダーを受けているそう。このNico Cafeのページの他、ケーキ専用のページNico Bakeryもチェック!

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2020-11-26 12:51:21


PINETREE MARINA RESORT @Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri, Johor
I stayed this apartment hotel.
Sea view swimming pool, large gym, comfortable library and Kids room, sauna and steam sauna...
The facilities are so extensive that there is not enough time for 1day stay. Room has a kitchen and refrigerator, and you can buy food from the supermarket right next door, and the room is equipped with a washing machine. A nice view from the window. You'll want to stay for a long time.
Breakfast in a box is made in the café on the lobby floor, simple but delicious Nasi Lemak and croissants.
I recommend the “Work From Hotel package” ( Premier 3bedroom for 6pax) RM399nett + Top up for 1 night stay RM100nett.
Family or friends can enjoy Staycation in the room with bathtub. About RM84 per 1 pax. For example, During the day, each of us does what we like to do( work, study, gym, pool, reading...) and at night we all cook and eat together in the kitchen. I think that's a great way to use it.

Pinetree Marina Resort:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +607-266 8288


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2020-11-23 09:18:03

The Potter Kitchen @ Molek, JB

The Potter Kitchen @ Molek, JB
Non Halal
Western & Local restaurant for perfect fit to family gatherings. There is Austin outlet too.
2nd main dish 50%off Promotion ! ( 6-10pm).
For example, T-Bone Steak 400g RM89.9.
If you order this 2set , total price is RM134.9. Over 800g juicy and tender steak ! You can also order Tiger Beer RM11.9.
Pan seared Salmon RM32.9 is nice.
Mushroom soup RM5.9 use 100% Shiitake mushroom. Popular breakfast menu is Breakfast Burrito RM9.9.
And if you come to eat here everyday, you can eat deferent menu over 1 months ! Because there are 34 kinds of local dishes RM6.9-14.9.
At Lunch time( 11:30am-3:00pm), soup and drink is free.
It is a restaurant where everyone, from children to the elderly, can eat what they want to eat.
Opening hours: Sun( 9am-10pm), Mon-Sat ( 10am-10pm).
Reservation : 013-731-5057

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The Potter Kitchen Molek #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-11-02 09:18:02

Southern Border @ Molek

Southern Border @ Molek
No pork, No Lard.
Local cafe. It's a neighborhood favorite. You can always enjoy the homemade and heartfelt flavors! Taste is very good.
I usually come to here for breakfast.
8:00am- 7:00pm open.
They also provide delivery service.
Sandwich Set ( with Homemade Soya drink) RM11.9 is big volume. One of their signature.
Steam Bee Hoon with fried Chicken set ( with Kopi C ) RM9.9. You must order this too.
There are many breakfast choices.
Sesame Soya RM6.5 also very good !
Off day: Monday.

Southern Border 禾南

2020-10-30 09:35:57

The Wild Mint @ Taman Gaya

The Wild Mint @ Taman Gaya
No Pork, No Lard
Instagramable Cafe in Garden.
Still only 2 months after new open. But already it is very popular place.
The place is inside Gaya Garden. Easy parking.
Plants, flowers, a corridor, fountains and a hall with chandeliers.
Perfect for taking pictures anywhere!
And of course, I can recommend their foods. Must order Laksa Prawn Pasta RM29.8. The English breakfast( Beef) RM29.8 ‘s scrambled eggs and beans are also very particular. Watermelon Mint Combucha RM14.9. Is refreshing.
Breakfast Set is only RM13.9.( croissants with scramble egg + coffee).
There's a lot of trendy food out there, but it doesn't just look good, it tastes really good too!
Opening hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
Off day: Tuesday

The Wild Mint

2020-10-10 02:30:24

Breakfast @ St. Regis Hotel, KL ( 番外編)

Breakfast @ St. Regis Hotel, KL ( 番外編)
No Pork, No Lard
I think here is The Best Breakfast in Malaysia !
Now buffet restart. I heard now is RMCO, so food selection is selected than before.
Menu is standard. But the quality of each food is Super good.
Especially I surprised Chicken sausage and Beef sausage. Very meaty. Balancing of spices is the best. I haven’t yet tried such a good sausage in Malaysia.
Breads, Yogurts, Fresh juices, Free range egg’s Omelet.. all quality is very good.

The Brasserie at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

2020-10-05 02:37:36

Breakfast @ Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, KL( 番外編)

Breakfast @ Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, KL( 番外編)
No Pork, No Lard.
During KL stay, I will write about KL gourmet.
This hotel is in the heart of KL. At Jalan Kamunting. Modern simple and clean hotel.
This time my booking is RM220net include breakfast/1night.
Now we can order breakfast from 4 kinds of set. American, Continental, Nasi Lemak, and Fried Meehun.
I choosed American and Meehun.

Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection

2020-07-18 02:29:40

Breakfast at PAYA SERAI @ Hilton Petaling Jaya (番外編)

Breakfast at PAYA SERAI @ Hilton Petaling Jaya (番外編)
No Pork, No Lard
During KL travel, I will introduce foods in KL hotels.
This is All day Dining Restaurant at Hilton Petaling Jaya.
Hotel guest have breakfast here.
During RMCO, we choose what we want to eat from menu.
A lot of menu selection. Breads are warm and tasty. Seafood Congee have a lot of seafood. Juice is fresh squeezed. Hot chocolate is no sugar, so we adjust sweet level. Egg dishes are also good.
Very good quality breakfast !
This time I strayed Executive Room for RM205. Include Cocktail time and breakfast. Worthwhile !

Hilton Petaling Jaya