Terroir @Ponderosa, JB
Non Halal
New restaurant at Shoplot in Ponderosa.
“Terroir” means “soil” in French. It’s “ Farm To Table” concept restaurant.
Last time I ordered delivery. Their foods were wonderful. So I came here for Dine in.
( The article:
The menu changes depending on the mood of the chef. Today was Tacos Day !
Beef tongue ( RM13/100g) and Beef brisket RM15( 100g) cooked for over 4 hours. They are so soft. I had it with several kinds of fresh sauce and Tacos shell.
The dish you should definitely order here is handmade cheese pasta “ Cacio E Pepe”. RM14. The simple seasoning of Granapadano cheese and pepper is exquisite. Salumi ( house cured ham) RM12 is also a must. It was soaked in coffee today and had a nice scent. Last time It used to be orange.
There are limited seats. So it’s better to make reservation.
I think it's a place where even one person can fully enjoy a meal.

Opening hours: 11:30am-8:30pm(last order)
Off day: Monday
WhatsApp: 017-711-0374
Instagram :

ポンデロッサの1階にオープンしたばかりの「Farm to Table」コンセプトのレストラン。前回はデリバリーでいろいろいただき、とても気に入ったので、ランチに訪れました。店内で育てているハーブは良い香り。

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