Sunrise Breakfast Cafe @Johor Jaya
Non Halal
A homely cafe on a quiet street of Johor Jaya. Many kinds of dishes are handmade and no MSG. The dishes with plenty of vegetables and fruits are healthy and tasty. So very good for families.
Recommend dish is Cheesy Chicken Chop RM16.9 and Signature Alio-e-Olio RM14.9. It's very spicy.
They also can deliver to around Johor Jaya.
Don't forget to order Homemade oatmeal yogurt.
1 bottle RM10. Daily fruit, oatmeal , yogurt, dry fruit and chia seed are packed plenty in the bottle.
Garden salad RM6.9, Sparkling drink " Deep Blue" RM7.9.
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00. Everyday open.