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#cruising #asiacruise

#cruising #asiacruise
Part4 - Entertainment on the Costa Serena & Summary
Costa Serena Malaysia Maiden Voyage
Port Klang - Phuket - Port Klang

Cruising offers a wide variety of events, including nightly dance and song shows in the theater, live bands in the many bars, crew dances, wine seminars, cooking shows, and quiz competitions, so depending on what interests you, your schedule can be as busy or as relaxing as you want it to be.
I always try to catch a show at the theater, and the Costa Serena show was truly amazing.
The stage was state-of-the-art, with a staircase that extends up, the images projected on the screen in the background were elaborate, the storyline and arrangements of the show were creative, and most importantly, the quality of the singers, dancers, and acrobatic show performers were very high.

I think that besides the comfort of the facilities, the quality of the food and the entertainment account to a large extent for judging whether a cruise trip is enjoyable or not, and this time they were all satisfactory, making it a wonderful trip.
In the past, I have often gone on European cruise trips, where there is a formal dress code, which I think is also an extraordinary experience and a wonderful point unique to ship travel, but this Costa Serena Asia cruise has no dress code.
I thought this cruise to Asia on Costa Serena has no dress code, making it ideal for families and others who are comfortable with a casual, easy-going atmosphere.
The date of the next Costa Serena cruise to/from Malaysia has not yet been set, but it will be confirmed around April whether it will take place in December or not.

Costa Serena Malaysia Maiden Voyage
Port Klang - Phuket - Port Klang

More Detail of Costa Serena

Contact: @hwajingtravel
Block N-26, 2nd Floor Warisan Cityview, Jalan 3/93A, Batu 2 1/2, Off Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +60392002929 | Fax: +60392836566 | Email : [email protected]

パート4、コスタセレナのエンターテイメントについて & まとめ



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#cruising #AsiaCruise #costaserena #costacruises #HwajingTravel #carnivalofveniceshow #歌詩達赛琳娜 #歌詩達郵輪 #华京旅遊 #クルージング #コスタクルーズ #ベニスのカーニバルショー #コスタセレナ #マレーシアクルーズ

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#restaurantKL #steakkl

#restaurantKL #steakkl
The Steakhouse KL @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
No Pork, No Lard
Charcoal grilled steak house on a busy street in Changkat since 2011.
It is under the same management as The Whisky Bar next door.
I had been to The Whisky Bar many times, but this was my first visit to this restaurant. Drinks included a myriad of whiskey selections as well as cocktails and wines, and I had a highball of the recommended brand. The decor is classic, relaxed and comfortable.
The food was clearly the best of the best. Crab cakes stuffed with plenty of crab, Tartar steak that tasted exactly like the ones I had in France, Seafood Aglio Olio that was al dente and exquisitely delicious, and Sirloin steak that was perfectly cooked, savory, and juicy; the five different types of salt available were wonderful.
I was surprised to find such a calm, dignified, and wonderful dish on this busy, crowded street.
I would like to try many others.
This is a great place for a birthday dinner too.

My photos:
-Cocktail, Highball, Red wine
-Pumpkin soup ( Complimentary)
-Bread & Butter
-Crab Cakes RM59
-Steak Tartar RM59
-Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio RM59
-Black Angus Beef Striploin Steak RM138
With Garlic Mashed potato
-Irish coffee cream mud pie with coconut ice cream RM32

The Steakhouse KL @mysteakhousekl
Opening hours: 5:30pm-12am Daily
48, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

隣のThe Whisky Bar と同じ経営です。

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#thesteakhousekl #changkat #bukitbintang #steak #tartarsteak #thewhiskybar #ステーキハウス #チャンカット #クアラルンプール生活 #マレーシア移住

Lovely dinner with new friend, Lizzy !
We enjoyed delicious Steak dinner and chitchat.
Lizzy is half my age! But She is very mature, I didn’t feel such a generation gap. She speaks Japanese, so she asked me a lot of questions about the language and how to use it.
And every single one of these dinners was perfectly delicious.
More detail

Lizzy は私の半分の年齢!だけどとてもしっかりしてて、勉強家な素敵な女性。日本語も話せるほどに勉強していて、言葉の使い方などたくさん質問してくれました。

#wonderfulpeople #respectpeople #thesteakhousekl #changkat #bukitbintang #steak #tartarsteak #thewhiskybar #ステーキハウス #チャンカット #クアラルンプール生活 #マレーシア移住

#restaurantkl #steakkl #thesteakhousekl #changkat #BukitBintang #steak #tartarsteak #thewhiskybar #ステーキハウス #チャンカット #クアラルンプール生活 #マレーシア移住 #wonderfulpeople #respectpeople #thesteakhousekl #changkat #BukitBintang #steak #tartarsteak #thewhiskybar #ステーキハウス #チャンカット #クアラルンプール生活 #マレーシア移住

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#culture #music #malaysiajazz

#culture #music #malaysiajazz
Purnama -Jazzy Moonlight Concert 30th September 2023 @ Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House, JB

Jazz Concert Come to JB!
For the past 5 years, I have been a huge fan of WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble. They are leading the jazz scene in Malaysia.
This time, the concert will be held at an opera house in Johor Bahru!
The theme is "Purnama" (which means "moon" in English).
I interviewed Mr. Tay Cher Siang, who is a jazz pianist, composer, and producer. He said,
"Given that it's also the season of the autumn moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we are organizing a concert with the moon as its theme. We will present well-known songs, lesser-known pieces, and various moon-inspired tunes in a jazz style. We would be thrilled if the audience could enjoy the music while feeling the essence of the season."
I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to listen to their music in Johor Bahru!

The performance at the Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House on September 30,
2023, sounds like a delightful event.
The theme "Purnama" or "Full Moon" is quite intriguing, and the lineup of moon-themed songs is impressive. It's wonderful that the performance is coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival, adding a special cultural touch to the evening.
The selection of songs like "The Moon Represents My Heart," "Moonlight in the
City," "Moon River," and others certainly sets a mood of moonlit charm. The variety of moon-related music, from jazzy tunes to classical pieces, promises a rich and enjoyable experience for the audience.
It sounds like a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in a night of enchanting melodies and celebrate the beauty of the full moon.
Best wishes for a successful and memorable event!

Music: WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble (Tay Cher Siang, AJ Popshuvit, Adriel Wong)
Bamboo flute: Tan Jie
Singer: Winnie Ho

Purnama -Jazzy Moonlight
At Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House
30 September 8pm-
Ticket price: RM98
Get Tickets now ! More detail

テーマは「Purnama (日本語で月のこと)」。
先日、Tay Cher Siang 氏 (ジャズピアニストであり、作曲家、プロデューサー)にインタビューをしました。

2023 年 9 月 30 日に Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House で行われるコンサート。テーマの「Purnama」(フルムーン)は非常に興味深く、月に関連した楽曲のラインナップも印象的です。ちょうど前日は中秋節。季節とテーマがちょうど重なり、特別な文化的な要素を加えています。

「The Moon Represents My Heart」、「Moonlight in the City」、「Moon River」といった楽曲の選曲は、月明かりの魅力的なムードを演出していることでしょう。ジャジーな楽曲からクラシックな作品まで、月に関連する多彩な音楽は、観客に豊かで楽しい体験を約束しています。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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#purnama #fullmoon #midautumnfestival #malaysiajazz #operahousejb #taychersiang #winnieho #wvcjazz

Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #culture #music #malaysiajazz #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー #purnama #fullmoon #midautumnfestival #malaysiajazz #operahousejb #taychersiang #winnieho #wvcjazz

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#malaysiasouvenir #malaysiagoodpeoducts

#malaysiasouvenir #malaysiagoodpeoducts
-Malaysian Souvenirs to Take to Japan-

During the summer vacation months of July and August in Japan, many Japanese living in Malaysia temporarily return home.
Since I also will be returning to Japan for the first time in a year, I procured some souvenirs to hand out to my friends.
The standard souvenirs that Japanese buy in Malaysia are tea bags made by BOH Tea and Cameron Valley .Tea bags are lightweight and last for a long time.
Batik-patterned hair accessories from tanganjewellery are also lightweight and cute, and are bought in bulk.
Lavender Bakery Malaysia and Oriental Kopi 华阳 ‘s pineapple tarts are also good.

The best souvenir of the moment is Benns Chocolates! I have been a fan of this company for a long time. Thanks to the efforts of Wilfred, the president of the company, and others, these delicious, high quality, healthy chocolates are now made from cacao grown in Malaysia!
They have succeeded in purchasing cacao from farmers at a fair price and gathering quantities. They have succeeded in selling these high quality chocolates at a common price, which is easy to buy at supermarkets! (Sold online at shopee, Lazada, as well as in supermarkets at Bens, Village Grocer, and Aeon.) You can choose by your preferred cocoa content, or with almonds or cashews.
They have won international awards and of course taste delicious.
They come in many individual packages, so you can give them out to many people.
I'm thinking of refilling my batik-patterned containers and giving them away as souvenirs!


Shopee: https://shp.ee/y79dwxn
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.g7zCA


日本人が購入するマレーシアの定番土産は、軽くて日持ちする、紅茶のティーバッグ。BOH製やCameron Valley製をよく買います。バティック柄のシュシュも軽くて可愛くてまとめ買い。”Lavender” や “Oriental Kopi” のパイナップルタルトもいいですね。

そして今最もおすすめなお土産はこれ!Bennsチョコレート!以前からこの会社のファンです。社長のWilfred氏をはじめ、企業努力により、これらのおいしくて上質でヘルシーなチョコレートは、現在はマレーシア産のカカオから作られています!農家から適正な価格でカカオを仕入れ、量を集めることに成功。上質なチョコレートなのに、スーパーなどで購入しやすい、一般的な価格で販売することを実現しました!(オンラインのshopee, Lazadaの他、スーパーではBens, Village Grocer, Aeonでも販売。)好みのカカオ含有量で選ぶこともできるし、アーモンドやカシューナッツ入りも販売。国際的な賞も受賞していて、もちろん味もおいしい。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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#benns #chocolate #malaysiacacao #malaysiachocolate #vegan #halal #malaysiasouvenir #マレーシア土産 #おみやげ #マレーシアカカオ #マレーシアチョコレート #マレーシア移住 #一時帰国

BOH Tea Cameron Valley tanganjewellery Lavender Bakery Malaysia Oriental Kopi 华阳 Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiasouvenir #malaysiagoodpeoducts #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー #benns #chocolate #malaysiacacao #malaysiachocolate #vegan #halal #malaysiasouvenir #マレーシア土産 #おみやげ #マレーシアカカオ #マレーシアチョコレート #マレーシア移住 #一時帰国

2022-10-14 08:11:14

初 Initial @ Molek, JB

初 Initial @ Molek, JB
Non Halal
I felt this was the most fantastic course I've had since it opened three and a half years ago.
“Initial” is evolving!
A modern contemporary Japanese restaurant using local ingredients and cooking methods.
Owner-chef Koh has worked at Noma in Copenhagen, which has been named the best restaurant in the world 4 times, and in Japan.
When he opened the restaurant, he said he wanted to offer dishes made with local ingredients, but at that time it was still a time when 'luxury course meals should use imported luxury ingredients'.
Now, three and a half years later, the trend is shifting to 'rediscovering the quality of local ingredients and cuisine'.
Reflecting this, this year's course was beautiful and tasty, with Chef Koh's signature dishes that others cannot imitate. The small starters in particular were excellent.
A course worth trying; 11 dishes for RM368++. Value for money.

My photos:
季Kisetsu course - RM368/pax

1 Homemade baguette and kombu butter
2 Homemade paitee , confit cherry tomato, semi dried cherry tomato, homemade ricotta cheese and caviar
3 slow cook Sabah abalone 5 hour after deep-fried Kombu ,sauce green chili puree ,pickle japanese cucumber ,sea grape
4 deep fried seaweed , smoke salmon , edamame season with shoyu , lime yogurt and yuzu pearl
5 sashimi grade Hokkaido scallop ,green apple,wasabi cream,dill oil , Salmon roe
-Homemade Kombucha
6 pan seared cod and bake with banana leaf, capsicum tomato sauce, homemade bread crumbs, ginger gel , pickle onion and fennel salad
7 lime yogurt garnita and fresh grapefruit
8 slow cook new Zealand lamb rack coat with cheese herb crumbs, stew purple cabbage, mushroom puree and red wine sauce
9 homemade dark chocolate ice cream with baileys wine , caramel walnut, diplomat with Brandy, mix berry puree and chocolate tuile
10 Coconut mousse , dark chocolate shell, coconut desiccated, passionfruit gel and lime zest
11 almond flake cookie , panda and gula melaka cream , lime agar agar and gula melaka zest

Off day: Monday
Opening hours: 6pm - 11pm
Reservation: +6016-247 0977
Address: 9, Jln Molek 3/20, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Omakase Price:
季Kisetsu - RM368/pax
花Hana - RM498/pax
旬Shun - RM688/pax
匠Takumi - RM888/pax
初 - Rm1288/pax
Special - Rm1488/pax


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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#initial #omakase #chefKoh #KohChinHong #modernjapanese #molek #johorbahru #malaysiafoodie #musttryrestaurant #omakaseJB #highlyrecommended #初JB #イニシャル #コンテンポラリージャパニーズ #接待に使える店 #ジョホールバル生活 #マレーシア移住

Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー #initial #omakase #chefkoh #kohchinhong #modernjapanese #Molek #johorbahru #malaysiafoodie #musttryrestaurant #omakasejb #HighlyRecommended #初jb #イニシャル #コンテンポラリージャパニーズ #接待に使える店 #ジョホールバル生活 #マレーシア移住

2022-05-02 11:00:38


Chocolate Bonbon “The Secret Garden” @ Benns Ethicoa, Selangor
No Pork, No Lard, No Alcohol
Beautiful Chocolate Bonbons with Flowers !
Dried edible flowers are used to paint a picture on chocolate bonbons, and are free from pesticides and preservatives.
The chocolate made from finest sustainably sourced cacao beans from Chemor (Perak), Sungai Ruan (Pahang) & Panchor (Malacca). Its very smooth and silky texture. Consist of 3 flavors namely hazelnut, raspberry and coconut.
Tasty and Romantic !
Very suitable as mothers day gift or birthday gift !

The Secret Garden ( 9 bonbons in the box)
Tel: 012-233-3662
Order link: https://bennsethicoa.com/products/the-secret-garden-bonbon
- order 3days in advance �- consume within 2weeks �- storage in chiller


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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#mothersdaygift #mothersday #chocolatebonbons #oshibana #edibleflowers #beantobarchocolate #bennsethicoa #asiancacao #beantobarchocolate #thesecretgarden #flowerchocolate

Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #kldelivery #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー #mothersdaygift #mothersday #chocolatebonbons #oshibana #edibleflowers #beantobarchocolate #bennsethicoa #asiancacao #beantobarchocolate #thesecretgarden #flowerchocolate

2021-12-03 09:53:59

Pre Christmas Buffet Dinner at Caprilicious @ Capri by Fraser, Johor Bahru, Johor

Pre Christmas Buffet Dinner at Caprilicious @ Capri by Fraser, Johor Bahru, Johor
No Pork, No Lard

Capri by Fraser is an apartment hotel that opened two years ago right next to the CIQ on the border with Singapore.
Have you ever been to Caprilicious, the restaurant here?
It's a simple and relaxing space. You will be comfortable feeling.
This is where the Pre-Christmas dinner buffet is held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The popular menu is classic roasted turkey and roasted beef, a freshly made pasta station and baked fish with butter lemon sauce.
Chef Mahathir's Mediterranean and Arabic dishes are also available and are very tasty and not found in other hotels.
I like this place because I feel that the food is heartwarming and tasty.
On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, more menu selection will come.
There is a Buy3 Free1 promotion going on.

【Pre Christmas Buffet Dinner】
Every Thu, Fri & Sat in December 2021

【Christmas Day Buffet Dinner】
25 December 2021

‘3 + 1’ promotion @ RM108+ per adult
Price: RM108+ per adult
RM54+ per child 6-12 y/o and senior citizen above 60 y/o

【Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner】
24 December 2021
【New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner】
31 December 2021

‘3 + 1’ promotion @ RM138+ per adult
Price: RM138+ per adult
RM68+ per child 6-12 y/o and senior citizen above 60 y/o

Dinner time: 6:30pm-10pm
Tel: 607-277 0888
wa.link/rlf7ck (Hadi)
wa.link/yqrlkt (Shahrul)
wa.link/ys2svw (Emma)

Pre Christmas Menu
Fresh salad with assorted dressing
Live pasta section
Soup Corner
Hot Western Dishes - among others, ayam bakar, slipper lobster, mini beef steak, oven baked lamb shoulder,
baked fish, BBQ chicken
Noodles Corner with condiments
Dim Sum Corner
Oven-baked whole turkey
Carved roast beef
Mixed Satay

Additional items on Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve
Cold platter
Seafood on Ice
Chicken Briyani
Roasted Striploin Beef
Whole Lamb Carcass served with roasted potatoes and vegetables
Seafood paella
Kid’s corner (candy cane, Christmas cookies, fish fingers, chicken popcorn, calamari rings)
Christmas desserts including pudding, cookies, etc
Chocolate Fountain

Mahathir シェフならではの、地中海風やアラブ風など、他のホテルでは見られない料理もあってとてもおいしいです。
Buy3 Free1 プロモーション実施中です。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
#malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-08-26 07:57:20

Mid Autumn Festival 2021

Mid Autumn Festival 2021
-My Mooncake Posts (posting order)-

I think I am the Japanese who eats the most different kinds of mooncakes in Malaysia. I tasted 5 shop’s 30kinds of Mooncakes this year.
In Japan, We don't have the custom of eating mooncakes, but I am very grateful for this opportunity to experience the culture and taste the delicious mooncakes.
Thank you so much !



Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel

Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香 

Doubletree by Hilton Johor Bahru

Tong Ah Bakery & Confectionery

【Others ( cake) 】

Ukiyo Cafe

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
#malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

#mooncake #mooncake2021

Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー #mooncake #mooncake2021

2021-06-23 07:51:08


“Purnama" by WVC Jazz Ensemble, a new album born from a journey of discovery of Malaysian roots.

He is undoubtedly one of the treasures in the Malaysian music world.
Mr. Tay Char Siang is a jazz pianist, composer, music director, writer and reader.
Jazz music will never be king in the world. But he is pursuing the excellence of Malaysian music, sharing it with others, and creating a culture that will last for generations to come.
His activities include not only holding regular concerts, but also touring the world to promote Malaysian jazz, teaching children about music in schools, organizing music festivals, talking about jazz on radio programs “听爵享受 (CityPlusFM)” and appearing on TED and in the Hollywood movie "Crazy Rich Asians. The scope of his activities continues to expand.

I attended the concert, and listen the music of his band, the WVC Jazz Ensemble, at an Art festival held at the Puteri Pacific Hotel in JB about three years ago and was struck by its excellence.
I came across his compositions on Shakespeare's poems and stories and became a complete fan.

And now, WVC has launched a new music album called "Purnama".
It features 12 pieces of good old Malaysian music from the 1930s-1970s, arranged in jazz. This is probably the first time these songs have been arranged for jazz.
Many Malaysian musicians were also passionate about this production.

”We realized that we didn't know much about our musical roots.
From around 2016 I embarked on a journey of discovery – to educate myself about our own musical inheritance.
This has also been a journey of enlightenment. “

“This album, Purnama, is about
recognising and respecting the good people of the past, and the gift of humane values they have left us, which offers us the hope – if not more than that – that another world is possible.”

”We hope the music
presented here is able to unlock the heart of the Moon as it continues to light our path in many unanticipated ways.”

Among the light rhythms and beautiful songs, the song that struck me the most and is my favorite is “Purnama”, a song about life and death.
The combination of the beautiful voice, theremin, and Debussy's masterpiece "Beau soir” is amazing!

I hope many people will try listening to it. It is also fun to compare it with the original piece.
Click here to listen to samples and order the CD.

Listen & Order

WVC Website:
FB Page:
YouTube Channel:

マレーシアのルーツの発見の旅から生まれた新アルバム「Purnama」by WVC Jazz Ensemble

ジャズミュージシャン、コンポーザー、文筆家、読書家のTay Char Siang氏。
彼の活動は、定期的にコンサートを開催するだけでなく、世界で音楽ツアーをしてマレーシアジャズを伝えたり、学校で子供に音楽の素晴らしさを教えたり、ミュージックフェスティバルを主催したり、ラジオ番組でジャズを語る他、TEDやハリウッド映画「Crazy Rich Asians」にも出演。活動の枠は広がり続けています。

私は、彼の率いるバンド「WVC Jazz Ensemble」の音楽を、約3年前に、ジョホールのプテリパシフィックホテルで行われたジャズフェスティバルで聴いて、その素晴らしさに衝撃を受けました。





美しい歌声と、テルミンと、ドビュッシーの名曲「Beau sour(美しき夕暮れ)」の組み合わせがすごい!


Listen & Order

WVC Website:
FB Page:
YouTube Channel:

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

WVC - Malaysian Jazz Ensemble WVC - Malaysian Jazz Ensemble #culturemalaysia #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2017-07-19 11:08:36

Super Korea Fried Chicken @Nusa Bestari 2

Super Korea Fried Chicken @Nusa Bestari 2
Non Halal
Korean fried chicken restaurant.
The place is the next to BestMart.
They import sauces from Korea, it's authentic taste.
Chicken is crispy, not too oily.
Now there are many Korean fried chicken restaurants in JB, the price of here is reasonable than others.
Binsu's shaving ice is like powder snow. Mango Cheesecake Binsu RM17.8. Not too sweet, so good !
Other popular menu is Mini Troops Pot(2pax) RM22.8, Kimchi fried noodles with chicken RM18.8. Yummy !
Offday: Wednesday

Super Korea Fried Chicken(霸王韩国炸鸡 )