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2021-08-11 09:04:45

Ukiyo Cafe @ Mount Austin, JB

Ukiyo Cafe @ Mount Austin, JB
No Pork, No Lard.
【 Takeaway/ PreOrder/ Delivery】
How about to celebrate this year’s Mid Autumn Festival with new style ?
Popular French Pattiserie Cafe, Ukiyo Cafe launched “Mid Autumn Festival Set RM88”.
It’s 4 cakes set.
“Matcha and Chocolate Fudge Cube” is one of their signature. Very rich and mild texture of Matcha and Chocolate is wonderful. Red cube is “ Red Bean and Rose Mousse Cake”. In contrast to the vivid red outside, the inside has a gentle taste of red beans and a hint of rose.
“Black Sesame and Yuzu Tart” have good accents of sour Yuzu to mild sesame taste. “ Yam and Lavender Religieuse” is cute yum taste choux !
They take Pre-Order 1 day advance for this set.
And they also have a la cart cakes. I think the Mille-Feuille is the best in town !

Ukiyo’s Mid Autumn Festival Set RM88
-Black Sesame and Yuzu Tart
-Red Bean and Rose Mousse Cake
-Yam and Lavender Religieuse
-Matcha and Chocolate Fudge Cube

Opening hours 11am-5pm
Off day: Monday
Order(WhatsApp): 012-936-9760

とってもおいしい本格フランスケーキ屋さんのUkiyo Cafeから、中秋の秋月をお祝いする、4つのケーキセットが登場しました。

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Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-07-16 10:05:10

TA Bakery @ Mount Austin, JB

TA Bakery @ Mount Austin, JB
No pork, No Lard
【Pre-Order/ Takeaway/ Delivery】
TA Bakery’s 2kinds of gift box. The best selling Breads and cakes are made with French imported flour and Brittany Butter.
Travel to France without visiting !
Brittany Croissant Box RM39.9 is a set of croissants that you can enjoy the flavor of good quality butter. Caramel croissants are another great menu, with burnt sugar that goes well with croissants. The texture of Pain au Choc is also delicious. Mushroom Ham Baguette is good for lunch !
Soulagement Dessert Box RM58 is also made with French ingredients. No fragrance, No colouring, No additives.
"Napoleon Napolitain" is French classic pastry. Must try the combination of crunchy pie and cream. My favourite is Strawberry tart. Elegant is not too sweet chocolate mousse cake. Good.
Both set include Madeleine and Tea bag.
This Madeleine is very authentic, good quality and tasty!
Great as a gift or as a treat for yourself!

Brittany Croissant Box RM39.9 (2-4pax)
-Brittany Croissant
-Pain Au Choc
-Caramel Croissant
-Egg Drop
-Kouign Amann
-Mushroom Ham Baguette
-TA Signature Egg Tart
-Madeleine x 3pcs
-Dark Choc Almond Cake
-Tea Bag x 2pack

Soulagement dessert box RM58(2-3pax)
-TA Signature Passion Fruit Tart
-Strawberry Tart
-Madeleine x 3pcs
-Tea Bag x 2pack

Opening hours: 10am - 8pm
Address: 3, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru.

オースティンにあるTA Bakery による、お店の人気商品を集めたクロワッサンのセットとケーキのセット。

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Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-07-06 08:37:17

Vburg Cafe @ Tun Aminah, JB

Vburg Cafe @ Tun Aminah, JB
Halal, Vegetarian
【Takeaway/Pre-order/ Delivery】
New ! Delicious Bakery Vburg’s Signature Box !
9kinds of Croissants and Danish breads in 1 Box. It’s good for family lunch and Gift fo friends.
They use premier French butter. If we eat soon, can enjoy soft texture. If warm up, it will be crunchy, moist and fragrant.
Chocolate Croissant have a lot of high quality dark chocolate. Mushroom Cheese Danish is good for lunch. Ham & Cheese Croissant is big volume…. You will want to eat all 9kinds of taste.
I enjoyed Picnic lunch ( inside house garden) with their frozen Corn Soup. Always soup and breads are nice combinations !

「vburg’s Signature Box 」RM49.9
(Croissant: Plain, Cheese, Almond, Ham&Cheese, Ultimate Chocolate,
Kouign amann,
Danish: Raisin, Mushroom&Cheese, Ham&Egg) total 9pcs

Frozen Soup 360g ( Corn, Mushroom, Pumpkin) RM10.9 each.

Online Order: https://www.vburg.my/products/bread-delivery-vburgs-siguature-box
Buy over RM40/RM80, Delivery fee Free.

Online shop: https://www.vburg.my/

Vburg shop Contact Number:
-vburg Bakery (Taman Ungku Tun Aminah)
-vburg Bakery (Puteri Cove)
-vburg Select (Molek)
-Grab & Go by vburg (Seri Austin)
-Grab & Go by vburg (Opp KSL Starbucks)


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Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-07-03 09:39:10

Puree Gelato ×De Voyage @ Taman Gaya, JB

Puree Gelato ×De Voyage @ Taman Gaya, JB
No Pork, No Lard
【Takeaway/ Pre-Order/ Delivery】
Fancy a trip to France? Brunch or High tea?
A taste of happiness in every bite.
It's been a long time since I've tasted a truly delicious croissant sandwich and the ultimate ice cream. Not to mention the macarons, which are The Best in Malaysia.
You can order from two brands of DeMas, Purée Gelato and De Voyage, at the same time.
Puree Gelato's croissants are made with the finest French butter. It is the only one in Johor that uses this butter. The croissants are fragrant, crispy but moist inside. The plain croissants are delicious on their own, but they also offer sandwiches. Delicious egg fillings and grilled beef bacon or potatoes go well with the sandwiches.
The gelato is of a high quality and you can taste the ingredients. Order the Croffle and enjoy both the crispy croissant and the gelato. It's like being in a café.
De Voyage's macarons are, without a doubt, the best in Malaysia. They have the same taste and texture as the famous French patisseries. The passion fruit flavour is new.
The coupe glacée (French ice cream) is now available in three varieties. Just a spoonful in your mouth is enough to make you happy. Hazelnut praline & dark chocolate is like a rich cream. The Strawberry & Passionfruit is sour and sweet. The almond milk, chia seeds and granola have a gentle sweetness.
They are truly delicious! I love it. It's great to be able to order these in any combination you like.

My photo:
-Croissant Sandwich 4pc RM45.6
( Egg Mayo RM8.9, Potato Cheese RM9.9, Tuna Mayo RM10.9, Beef Bacon RM15.9)
-Croffle 2pc & Gelato 1 scoop RM24.9
-Puree Gelato 112ml: Sesame RM7.9, Tevere Matcha RM8.9, Cacao Barry 70% choc RM9.9
-Macaron 6pcs RM39
-Coupe Glacee 160g( French ice cream) each cup RM18: Hazelnut Pralinè & Dark Chocolate, Strawberry & Passionfruit, Almond Milk, Chia Seed & Granola.


Opening Hours:
(Puree Gelato)Sat & Sun:11:30 am-4.30pm
(De Voyage) Daily 9:30am-4pm
Order: + 607-861 1151 / + 6012-2478733
27A, Jalan Sasa 6,Taman Gaya,81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor.

本当に美味しいクロワッサンサンドと、究極に美味しいアイスクリームを久しぶりに味わいました。このマカロンは言うまでもなくThe Best in Malaysia です。
製菓食材店DeMasの2つのブランド、Purée Gelato とDe Voyage、両方の商品が一度に注文できます。
Puree Gelato のクロワッサンは、最高級のフランス製バターを贅沢に使用。このバターを使っているのはジョホールでここだけ。香り高く、さっくりしているのに中はしっとり。プレーンのクロワッサンだけでもものすごく美味しいですが、サンドウィッチも提供中。おいしい卵フィリングや、ビーフベーコンやじゃがいものグリルがよく合います。
De Voyage のマカロンは言うまでもなく、マレーシアで1番といっていいくらい。本場フランスの有名パティスリーと同じ味と食感。パッションフルーツ味が新商品。

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PUREE Gelato Malaysia Review マレーシアレビュー #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-06-21 09:36:29

Patisserie De Charme “PDC” @Ekoflora, JB

Patisserie De Charme “PDC” @Ekoflora, JB
No pork, No Lard
【Takeaway/ Pre-Order pick up/ Delivery】
One of the Best Cake shop in JB.
I think it’s the First Delicious French style Patisserie in town.
When this shop opened in 2015, we were very pleased. It was something like oasis.
After 6years, now, there are some delicious cake shops. But for me, this shop is very special with the memory.
Owner chef pattisier : Eric and Eunice’s passion is still wonderful.
Always they use high quality ingredients.
The balance of the combination of ingredients is excellent, with each flavor standing out yet harmonizing with the other. It melts in your mouth and is light. The combination of crunchy textures is also good. The fine chocolate decorations are as thin and delicate as feathers.
It's been a long time since I've had one of their cakes, but I feel like every one of them is as same as or more wonderful than ever!
Now we can order easily from their website. They will arrange delivery. So we can enjoy these wonderful taste at home.
I ordered :
Blissful RM16, Mango Shortcake RM14, Elite RM17, Father’s Day Special RM16.8.
( These 4 cakes are all excellent! Can’t choose only 1)

Off day: Tuesday
Opening hours: 11am-7pm
Order website: https://pdc.justorder.today/
Tel: 011-1618-3891


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2021-06-01 09:37:54

Vburg @ Taman Tun Aminah

Vburg @ Taman Tun Aminah
No Pork, No Lard, Vegetarian
【Takeaway, Delivery】
Bakery Cafe & Shop. There are 5outlets in JB.
During MCO, we can enjoy shopping at their online shop with Free or small delivery fee.
This Apple Turnover RM12.9(3pc) is New product! I was waiting the launch. Because I knew they had been experimenting with it since March to make a delicious apple pie.
And they tried to provide us reasonable price for everyone can enjoy the taste.
This Apple Turnover is French style Apple pie. They use Selected Granny Smith green apples and add the signature almond paste. A filling made of caramel, lemon and thyme cooked for 3 hours. It’s No Egg.
The pie has many layers, and sweet and sour apples, mildly sweet almond cream, and topped savory almonds go well together.
Warm with a toaster and serve with cold vanilla ice cream!It’s wonderful time for you !

Hurry up to order a box of Apple Turnover at their 5 outlets!
You can order from Online shop too.

Online shop:


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2021-05-25 08:43:42

Star Hadramout @Wadi Hana, JB

Star Hadramout @Wadi Hana, JB
【Takeaway/ Delivery( Grab, FoodPanda)】
Arabic restaurant.
I felt like eating Shawarma or Souvlaki, so I ordered it from Grab. I have never been to this restaurant.
In conclusion, it ’s a really delicious and satisfying meal!
I ordered Mixed Grill (Small) RM37. It include 4kinds of grilled Chicken and Lamb kebab, Vege, French fry, Arabic breads, 2 sauces.
Spiced meats, Garlic yogurt sauce, Chilli Tomato sauce are all authentic taste.
It’s good amount for 2pax.
Popular dessert “ Kunafa”RM10 is my first time to try.
It’s sweets of shredded flour dough, fresh cheese and pistachios. This taste is not too sweet. It’s like milk pudding. Tasty !
I want to dine in this restaurant near future.

Opening hours: 10am-7pm
Order for Pickup (10% discount)
Mr. Najib
Mr. Tareq


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

Restoran Star Hadramout #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-05-01 09:31:05

De Voyage @ Taman Gaya, JB

De Voyage @ Taman Gaya, JB
No Pork, No Lard
Today New Open! French Macaron Speciality shop.
I don't need macarons that are just cute. Yes. I want really delicious macarons.
So I’m very glad their shop’s open.
Patissier Mr. Louis produced here. Previously He worked at Famous French Macaron brand. He pursued high quality ingredients, The macaron taste is very authentic and nice.
We can feel to travel France when we eat them. And we can travel ( Voyage ) with these seasonal 12 kinds of Macaron.
Bring to picnic and party! Gift and share to favourite people. Mother’s Day will come soon!
The packaging is beautiful. Very suitable to gift.
Louis’s most recommend is “Yuzu”. It’s excellent. I like “Black pepper, Mango & Cheese” too.
They also have delicious Verinne ( glass desert) RM18 and Ice cream RM8.9〜.
Macaron 1P RM6. 6P(Box) RM36,
8P( Box) RM58, 16P(Box)RM 108.

De Voyage ※inside “De’Mas bakery ingredients supply”
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 10am - 4.30pm
Tel:+607-861 1151 / +6012-247 8733
Address: 27, Jln sasa 6,Tmn gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia.
旅のお供に持って行って欲しいというコンセプトから、De Voyageという名がつきました。グラスデザートのベリーヌや、アイスクリームも本格味でとても美味しい。パッケージも素敵で、贈り物にもぴったり。フランスのしっかりした甘さの中にも、ガナッシュの美味しさが引き立ちます。見た目の可愛さだけでなく、おいしいからオススメ。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review
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De Voyage De Voyage #malaysiareview #reviewmalaysia

2021-03-01 11:20:38

Champs Boulangerie Bakery @ Impian Emas, JB

Champs Boulangerie Bakery @ Impian Emas, JB
No Pork, No Lard
Bakery and Mille Crepe speciality shop.
Real Japanese taste ! Do you know ? JB has a bakery that has been making the same taste as the popular bakery “ DONQ” in Japan since 1905!
DONQ, which has been in Japan for 116 years, now has stores in Thailand and Hong Kong etc. This owner chef learnt breads for 7years at a shop in Singapore, opened this Champs bakery in JB.
The most important is flour for bread.
He uses the same high quality flour. So I felt it’s very Japanese bread taste.
Looks simple. Taste is super delicious. Especially, Baguette ( French bread), Shokupan ( Loaf Bread), Croissant are good. I think this Melon bread is the best on JB. ( price range: RM2.9-5.2 per pc).
Everyday there are around 40 kinds of breads.
Mille Crepe also very tasty. Best Seller is Sea salt, Hokkaido and Royal Chocolate.( RM12.9-13.9 per pc).
You can order Whole Mille Crepe too.
Despite being far away, many Japanese are repeaters.
Tel/ WhatsApp : 013-881-4722
Off day : Thursday
Opening hours: 10am- 8pm.
日本人のあまりいない地域、Impian Emasのショップロットに2019年にオープンしたパン屋さん。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

Champs Boulangerie Bakery #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-02-23 09:40:21

Terroir @Ponderosa, JB

Terroir @Ponderosa, JB
Non Halal
New restaurant at Shoplot in Ponderosa.
“Terroir” means “soil” in French. It’s “ Farm To Table” concept restaurant.
Last time I ordered delivery. Their foods were wonderful. So I came here for Dine in.
( The article: https://www.facebook.com/461270360651540/posts/3400793476699199/)
The menu changes depending on the mood of the chef. Today was Tacos Day !
Beef tongue ( RM13/100g) and Beef brisket RM15( 100g) cooked for over 4 hours. They are so soft. I had it with several kinds of fresh sauce and Tacos shell.
The dish you should definitely order here is handmade cheese pasta “ Cacio E Pepe”. RM14. The simple seasoning of Granapadano cheese and pepper is exquisite. Salumi ( house cured ham) RM12 is also a must. It was soaked in coffee today and had a nice scent. Last time It used to be orange.
There are limited seats. So it’s better to make reservation.
I think it's a place where even one person can fully enjoy a meal.

Opening hours: 11:30am-8:30pm(last order)
Off day: Monday
WhatsApp: 017-711-0374
Instagram :


ポンデロッサの1階にオープンしたばかりの「Farm to Table」コンセプトのレストラン。前回はデリバリーでいろいろいただき、とても気に入ったので、ランチに訪れました。店内で育てているハーブは良い香り。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

Restaurant.Terroir #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2021-02-10 07:42:31

Terroir @Ponderosa, JB

Terroir @Ponderosa, JB
Non Halal
【Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery】
New open just 2weeks ago. But I already love this restaurant !
“Terroir” means “soil” in French. One Chef and One Farmer opened this “ Farm To Table” concept restaurant with passion.
The place is 1st floor of shop lot. They made here by DIY.
They grow vegetables and herbs in the restaurant.
High quality and simple homemade dishes with good ingredients. And at reasonable prices !
If you pre-order, the chef will make everything what you want to eat.
I ordered Char Siew RM98( per 1kg).
Great taste with Soy caramel and 5spices !
Salumi( house cured orange stained ham RM12(75g) is very light salty level. It’s like roast pork. Feel very fresh.
Sand it on the Bagel RM4(pc).
Mushroom RM12. Confit Chicken RM12.
Rosemary fragrantly good.
When you enjoy these dishes, you will miss Wine.
They serve handmade pasta too.
If you’re Food Lover, must check !

Opening hours: 11:00am-8:30pm
Off day: Monday( Diring CNY open Everyday !)
WhatsApp: 017-711-0374
Instagram :

ポンデロッサの1階に2週間前にオープンしたばかりの「Farm to Table」コンセプトのレストラン テロワール。フランス語で土壌の意味。

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Restaurant.Terroir #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-31 03:29:47

Entier French Dining @ Alila Bangsar, level41, Kuala Lumpur

Entier French Dining @ Alila Bangsar, level41, Kuala Lumpur
No Pork, No Lard
Creative French restaurant by Japanese chef.
I had been curious about this restaurant since it was recommended by many people, including my gourmet friends and the Spanish executive chef of a luxury hotel.
Entier ( French word) means whole.
This restaurant’s philosophy “nose to tail” ensure no waste food.
The dishes with Japanese touch are simple and delicate.
This time, we ordered a la carte menu and shared.
Our dinner started with perfectly good cornbread and seaweed butter. We enjoyed Leak, Cauliflower, Shima-Aji fish, Octopus, Foie gras, Salmon, Lamb and Chocolate soufflé!
Total around RM700 for 2pax Include a bottle of wine, water and coffee.
And I bought Uni butter and Strawberry jam. They have many kinds of gourmet foods for takeaway.


Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

Entier French Dining #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-12-18 09:11:47

Romantic Dine in @GBW Hotel, JB

Romantic Dine in @GBW Hotel, JB
Did you decide special Christmas dinner place ?
It’s Value for money ! GBW Hotel’s ( previously Grand Blue Wave Hotel) Romantic Dine in package. 80nett for 2 pax.
It include Welcome drink, Appetiser, Soup, Bread, Main Course, Dessert, Coffee or tea. Moreover, complimentary a slice of cake and small gift for each package.
After make reservation, you can choose each dishes from 2-4 menu items.
My choice is: Prawn cocktail with avocado, Prawn Bisque soup, salmon grill and slipper lobster with potato gratin, Tiramisu with fruit cocktail.
My friend’s choice ( main dish) is Grilled chicken with Salsa sauce.
You can Dine in and enjoy this course. And if you stay hotel room, you can have this set in room! Romantic!
We really like this Prawn Bisque soup. Very authentic French taste. Prawn rich taste is concentrated in the soup. If I order this menu at another hotel or restaurant, they will charge me RM30-35 only for this 1 dish.
Ask menu detail to GBW hotel.
They have many kinds of “ Value for money” package for small gathering !
Romantic Dine-in Package RM80nett for2.
Tel: 07-221-6666
WhatsApp: https://wa.link/1potua /
https://wa.link/qx387z /

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

GBW Hotel #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-11-28 09:00:53

Ukiyo Cafe @ Mount Austin, JB

Ukiyo Cafe @ Mount Austin, JB
No Pork, No Lard.
New Collection for Christmas at French style patisserie cafe, Ukiyo.
I thought I instantly teleported to Paris ! When I ate these ice cream desert and cakes.
These menu start 1st Dec.
I recommend Ukiyo’s Petit Four ( 6pc set) RM80. Share with a friend. You enjoyed 6 kinds of excellent cakes in the same time.
Coupe Glacee ( ice cream dessert) RM26 have 2 types. Hazelnut Praline & Dark Chocolate, Passion Fruit & Strawberry.
Both are super delicious! Very Paris feeling !
New 2type of Chocolate cake RM26/RM28 also added. Deferent type of chocolate taste. Don’t miss Cute drinks, X’mas Spring Chicken and pasta with Caramel onion & Prawn.
Opening hours 1pm-9pm
Off day: Monday
Tel: 012-936-9760
大人気のUkiyo Cafe。12/1からクリスマスコレクションが登場です。

Japanese Yoshiko’s Malaysia Review

Ukiyo Café #malaysiareview #マレーシアレビュー

2020-11-12 07:06:22

二楼珈琲店 Second Floor Kopitiam @ Mount Austin

二楼珈琲店 Second Floor Kopitiam @ Mount Austin
Non Halal
Hidden Kopitiam. The place is upstairs of Morganfield’s.
There is something nostalgic about climbing the stairs. I don't know why, but it's comfortable.
Food and drink selection is very Kopitiam.
Price range is Kopitiam & Hawker.
They blend coffee powder, you can enjoy good local coffee. Kopi RM2.5, Kopi C ice RM3.
My recommend top3 menu are
Nasi lemak special RM9.9, Peanut French Toast RM4.9, Signature deep fried chicken chop with brown sauce RM12.9.
They open morning 8am. I'm sure I can have a nice morning time here.
Opening hours: 8am-6pm
Off day: Tuesday
Official page:


2nd Floor Kopitiam Mount Austin 二楼咖啡店 2nd Floor Kopitiam Mount Austin 二楼咖啡店